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Chris A – Thames Boilers Customer

“We’ve used George for general advice as well as a an emergency situation where we needed to call him out. He is the absolute professional; polite, incredibly knowledgeable and trustworthy and produces top quality workmanship. He’s top of our contact list should we need plumbing or boiler work in future.”

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George from Thames BoilersHello – my name is George and I’m your local plumber who covers the Kent, Essex and South East London areas of the UK.

Whatever plumbing problem you have, I can fix it for you.

Plus, my transparent fixed prices will help you keep your costs under control.

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Emergency Plumber

Thames Boilers can help you if you have an emergency plumbing problem. For a reasonable call out fee, you can get your plumbing emergency under control quickly – usually within an hour. This saves you a lot on expensive out of hours emergency plumber rates, because once the leak has stopped, you can get the problem repaired on cheaper normal hours plumber’s rates.

So if you have a plumbing emergency, please call today and I’ll make your plumbing emergency my priority.

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Looking For A Qualified Reliable Plumber?

Checkatrade Plumber

As a Checkatrade plumber I’ve had the following checks carried out:

  • Checked my plumbing & gas qualifications,
  • Checked and verified my public liability insurance,
  • Carried out a full DBS criminal records check (formerly CRB)
  • Checked my ID (utility bills and driving license)
  • Checked references from at least 5 recent customers

On top of that, to help maintain my reputation as a local reliable plumber, customer’s give regular feedback on jobs, which you can check here.

Gas Safe Registered Plumber

Lots of people look for plumbers when they need gas work carried out. However, some plumbers are not Gas Safe Registered, which means they are not legally allowed to work on any gas pipes or appliance.

At Thames Boilers, I’m not only a plumber, but also a Gas Safe Registered gas and heating engineer. So if you need any gas plumbing work carried out, I can help you.

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Plumbing Services

Toilet Repairs

If you’ve got a problem with your toilet – such as:

  • Your toilet won’t flush
  • Your is leaking when flushed
  • Your toilet won’t stop filling
  • Your toilet is overflowing
  • Your toilet won’t fill back up after it’s flushed

You can get it repaired, all for one transparent fixed price by an experienced local plumber. Just call today to arrange a free estimate.

Tap Repairs & New Taps

Taps can cause all kinds of plumbing problems – do you recognise any of these with your taps?

  • Your tap won’t turn off
  • Your tap keeps turning
  • Your tap won’t turn on
  • Your tap keeps dripping
  • Your tap keeps running
  • Your tap is stiff
  • Or your tap is simply leaking

A good plumber can solve all these problems by either repairing your taps if the parts are available, or just replacing them with a new tap of your choice.

Shower Repairs

Most of us can’t live without a shower these days, so you really miss it when it stops working or doesn’t work as it should. That’s when you need a good plumber.  I can help you with:

  • Your shower leaking through the ceiling
  • The shower hose leaking
  • Your shower keeps dripping
  • The shower won’t turn off fully
  • Your shower is either too hot or too cold

Overflow Problems

Have you got an overflow pipe that’s dripping? It’s a common plumbing issue that an experienced plumber should be able to easily fix. Whatever overflow pipe it is, whether it’s from a toilet, tank, or hot water cylinder, don’t worry – a plumber like me can fix the problem that’s causing the overflow pipe to leak.

Hot Water Cylinder Repair

In my experience as a plumber, there’s not much to go wrong with hot water cylinders. Here are the top 3 problems and how we can fix them…

  • Leak on hot water cylinder joints. These are relatively easy to fix because I can reseal the connections that are leaking.
  • Immersion heaters not working. If your immersion heater isn’t working, it’s usually because the immersion element or the thermostat has failed. To fix this, you need to replaced the immersion heater or the thermostat.
  • Leak on the hot water cylinder itself. If the leak is from the cylinder itself, your only option is to replace it. Usually you can do a near “like for like” cylinder replacement to help minimise disruption.

Outside Tap Installations

Would you like an outside tap? Or maybe you already have one. If you do, have you thought about another outside tap at the front of your house?

Or did you know that it’s possible to install a hot outside tap as well? A hot outside tap is perfect for washing your car, your pets, or for filling paddling pools in the summer.

When it comes to outside taps, lots of people fancy themselves as plumbers and try to do it themselves. I don’t recommend this as it can cause more problems in the future.

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Plumbing Prices

 Mon-Fri 9am-5pmOut of hours
Call out chargeNone£110 (includes first hour)
Hourly rate£0 All inclusive fixed price quotes£95

Accepted Payment Methods

Payment MethodAccepted?
Credit/Debit CardYes
Bank TransferYes
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