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We are Honeywell Evohome installation specialists in Kent, ready to help you!

Will Honeywell Evohome Work In Your Home?

Some buildings are not suitable for Honeywell Evohome (or may need additional boosters) because of their size, layout, or construction materials. 

You can see if Evohome will work "out of the box" in your home by getting a free signal strength test. 

Just book your free home survey and quote below.

Evohome Installers In Kent

Thames Boilers are experienced Honeywell Evohome installers in Kent. We've worked with Honeywell controls for over 20 years and even have installed Evohome in our own homes!

If you have any questions about how Evohome works, what it's like to use, or if it's suitable for you, you can email us here, book your free home survey online here:

What Can You Do With Evohome?

There are lot's of cool things you can do with Honeywell Evohome. Here are just a few...

Working From Home?

You can keep your home office warm while you're working, but keep the rest of your home cooler. 

Need To Dry Clothes?

Install a radiator in your airing cupboard with an Evohome controller. Voila! You've got an on demand airing cupboard, without affecting your other radiators. 

Keep The Kids Warm At Night

Are you worried your little ones get cold on winter nights? Set their rooms to a cosy warm temperature while keeping other rooms cool.

"Set The Living Room To 22 Degrees"

You can connect Evohome to Google Home or Amazon Alexa to control your heating with your voice. 

Got A Day Off?

If you have a day off in the week, just hit the "Day Off" button and Evohome will run your Saturday heating program, keeping you warm all day. 

Control From Anywhere

With the Evohome app, you can control each zone of your heating system from anywhere. So you can boost the hot water and warm up the bathroom, all ready for a bath, on the way home from work.

Free Survey With A Kent Evohome Installer

You can book your free survey and quote with a Kent Evohome installer below. This includes a free signal strength test to ensure Evohome will work in your home.

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