Dartford Fixed Price Boiler Repairs

“I have used George at Thames Boilers on a few occasions now and I have nothing but praise for the way he conducts himself. He is professional, personable and someone you can trust. He’s also done work at for my family too. He fixed my latest boiler problem within an hour and explained what the issue was and how he fixed it and now I have everything working again. Brilliant service from start to finish.”
-David Herrington

Free Boiler Service & Water Quality Check (Worth £169)

When you book your fixed price boiler repair, you will also get a free boiler service and water quality check worth £169 if you were to buy them separately. These will help keep you safe and prevent further breakdowns in the future.

Free Boiler Service (Value: £80)

This normally costs between £80 and £110, and includes all the relevant gas safety checks your boiler needs to keep it working safely.

We'll also email you a boiler service certificate to prove your boiler has been serviced and checked.

Free Water Quality Check (Value:£89)

This usually costs £89, but is free when we repair your boiler. This is where we take a sample of water from your radiators and carry out a lab standard test to see if there are any potential corrosion problems in your heating system that could cause any breakdowns in the future. This is great because water quality problems are quite easy and cheap to fix if you catch them early. So it's a great early warning system to stop your boiler breaking down in the future and best of all, it's free!

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Dartford Fixed Price Boiler Repair Prices

DA, BR & ME Postcodes

Unlimited labour and callouts to get your boiler working again. Any parts required are not included and charged separately.


What's included

  • Includes unlimited callouts and labour to fix your boiler problem.
  • FREE Standard Boiler Service (Value: £80)
  • FREE Water Quality Check & Report (Value: £89)

Boiler Brands We Can Repair

Common Boiler Problems We Can Fix

Fault Codes

If your boiler has got a fault code, we can tell you what it means, then fix the source of the fault.

Leaks Coming From The Boiler

If you can see water leaking from your boiler, it's important to get it fixed quickly before it damages your boiler. We can fix all types of boiler leaks.

Hot Water Problems

Got no hot water? Hot water going cold then hot again? We've seen it all before and can fix it quickly for you.

Radiators Not Heating Up

If some or all of your radiators are not heating up, we can fix them for you, even if the problem isn't with the boiler.

Strange Noises From The Boiler

Boilers can make some scary noises sometimes, like loud banging or an aeroplane taking off. Don't worry though, we can fix all of these problems!

Pressure Too High Or Too Low

If your boiler's pressure goes too high, or if it keeps going down, we can find the cause and fix it for you.

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