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Boiler Repairs & Central Heating Breakdowns

As you might have guessed by the name, Thames Boilers are boiler and central heating specialists.

Here are some of the services we can offer you.

Combi Boiler Repairs

While great at saving you space, combi boilers can be tricky to repair when they breakdown if your heating engineer isn't a specialist.

I've been fixing combination boilers for almost 20 years and am experienced in all makes and models. So you can be confident I'll get your boiler working again for you.

Condensing Boiler Breakdowns

If your boiler was installed after April 2005, it's very likely a condensing boiler. They work slightly differently to older non-condensing boilers, which means they have their own type of faults.

I've been installing and repairing condensing boilers long before they were popular, going as far back as the first ones in the 90s. So if your condensing boiler has broken down, I'm confident I can fix it for you.

Back Boiler Repairs

Back boilers used to be very popular, but as technology moves on, they're being replaced with new energy efficient condensing boilers.

Maybe you have one and are not ready to replace it just yet? At Thames Boilers, you can get your back boiler repaired and fully serviced. This means you can keep it going for many more years - as long as it's safe and parts are still available.

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Vaillant Boiler Repairs

Thames Boilers are specialists in repairing and servicing Vaillant boilers. I'm familiar with all models, including the Ecotec, Ecomax, and Turbomax range. I've attended training from Vaillant themselves at their UK headquarters.

Worcester Bosch Boiler Repairs

Like with Vaillant, I'm experienced in servicing and repairing Worcester Bosch boilers too. Whether you have a new Worcester Greenstar condensing boiler, or an older Cdi - or any other model, I can help you with servicing it and getting it working if it's broken down.

Potterton Boiler Repairs

Potterton & Baxi boilers are very popular around the Dartford area, especially in more newly built homes. Potterton models such as the Suprima and the Performa and getting to the age where they're likely to break down. If you own one of these models - or any other Potterton boiler - please get in touch if you need it serviced or repaired.

Baxi Boiler Repairs

Baxi and Potterton are pretty much the same company and, these days, make identical boilers. It's great for heating engineers like me because it's easier to obtain parts for them. This wasn't always the case though. Before the merger with Potterton, Baxi were famous for making back boilers (a boiler that sits behind your gas fire) called a Baxi Bermuda.

Ideal Boiler Repairs

Ideal are a long established British boiler manufacturer, like Baxi & Potterton. Ideal boilers used to be great. That all changed when they launched their Icos and Isar range in the 2000's. These boilers make up most of the Ideal boilers I get called out to, because they're so unreliable. Since then, Ideal have improved their boilers and will perhaps one day earn back their old reputation.

New Central Heating Pumps

The pump is the heart of your central heating system. If it fails, nothing else will work. Symptoms of a broken central heating pump are: Some radiators getting hot, but not others; Your boiler overheating; Banging noises coming from your boiler or your airing cupboard. It's quite easy to replace most pumps, so if yours goes wrong, don't hesitate to call for a free estimate.

2 & 3 Port Valve Replacements

Also called Motorised Valves, these parts control when your heating and hot water turn on and off. When they go wrong, they can give you call kinds of symptoms. The 2 most common ones are your heating coming on with your hot water, or your heating not coming on at all (even when you turn the thermostat up). Like your central heating pump, these are reasonably easy parts to replace, and usually can be completed in a couple of hours.

New & Replacement Boilers With 7 Year Warranties

Sometimes a boiler is beyond economical repair, or the parts you need for it are not available anymore. Or maybe you're doing some home improvements and decide it's time to upgrade the boiler.

Here's how I can help you...

Combi Boiler Replacements

This is when you have a combi boiler and would just like a new one fitted in the same place. These are the most straight forward and lowest cost boiler replacements. Most people have this type of boiler change carried out when their old combi boiler is just too old to be repaired anymore.

Boiler Upgrades

A boiler upgrade is when you need something more than a straight replacement. For instance, you may have an old back boiler and would like to upgrade to a modern combi boiler to help save some money. Or you plan to have a loft extension and need a better boiler to cope with an additional bathroom.

Central Heating Installation

This is where your whole heating system is removed, including your boiler, pipes and radiators - and replaced with a whole new one. People don't usually have this work carried out unless they're completely renovating their home, or their old system is so bad (or poorly designed) that replacing the whole thing is their best option.

Boiler Servicing

It's important to service your boiler once a year to keep it working safely and efficiently. You can also spot small problems before they turn into big expensive ones.

Condensing Boiler Service

Condensing boilers need to be serviced a little differently to conventional boilers. On some services they may need a gasket replacing (often called a "burner seal"). These are usually an additional £20-£30. Also, condensing boilers have a part on them called a "condensate trap". This needs to be checked and cleaned as part of the service.

Combi Boiler Service

Combi boilers can be serviced just like any other boiler. Despite their additional components, servicing these boilers is quite straight forward. It's also a good opportunity to catch any problems, like small water leaks, before they do too much damage.

Back Boiler Servicing

If you have a back boiler, it's important to service it every year. This is because older back boilers have flue system called an "open flue". These systems are safe when installed properly and correctly maintained. But if they're not, there's a high risk of your boiler producing deadly carbon monoxide. I recommend servicing your back boiler once a year, without fail. 

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