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Hi – I’m George, your local boiler repair expert, covering the Swanley area of Kent. I’ll help you get your boiler working again quickly – and guarantee your repair for 1 year. Plus my transparent fixed prices will help you keep your costs under control.

  • Stop worrying about massive boiler repair bills – I’ll give you a fixed price quote to repair your boiler and will stick to it, which means you can keep cost under control.
  • Thames Boilers is a local business owned and operated by one person and covers the Swanley area. So there’s no dodgy subcontractors and no annoying call centres.
  • Kent trading standards approved so you know you’ll be treated fairly.
  • Gas safe registered, which means I’ll always make sure your boiler is safe and up to safety standards.
  • Fast response time – unlike other heating companies, I don’t do installation work that takes up lots of time (like fitting new boilers and radiators), which means you will usually see me within 24 hours of calling.
  • 1 year guarantee – every boiler repair is guaranteed for 1 year. So if a new part fails, I’ll replace it for free within the first year.
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“We’ve used George for general advice as well as a an emergency situation where we needed to call him out. He is the absolute professional; polite, incredibly knowledgeable and trustworthy and produces top quality workmanship. He’s top of our contact list should we need plumbing or boiler work in future.”

Chris Allen

How I Can Help You

If your boiler, central heating, or hot water isn’t working, I can fix it for you.

Boiler Repairs In Swanley

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Whatever is wrong with your boiler, I can help you. Here are a few common boiler problems problems I can fix for you:

Boiler ProblemPossible Cause
No hot water, but radiators workingMotorised valve, diverter valve, or flow switch fault
Luke warm hot water,Cylinder thermostat fault, plate heat exchanger blocked, sensor fault, scale build up
Hot water goes hot and cold,Blocked plate heat exchanger, stuck diverter valve
Boiler pressure keeps going down and needs topping up,Small leak on the system, pressure relief valve letting-by
Boiler pressure goes up high when the heating is on,Expansion vessel has lost charge or split internally
Boiler fault codes,Check boiler installation manual or search online for the cause
Boiler lights for a few seconds then goes off,Faulty flame sensor, broken flame sensor lead, faulty gas valve
Banging noise coming from the boiler,Air in the system, faulty pump, blocked main heat exchanger
Boiler makes a noise like an aeroplane taking off,Incorrect air/gas ratio, faulty fan or gas valve
Whining noise from the boiler,Fan bearings wearing out, incorrect air/gas ratio
Leaks on your boiler,Faulty o-ring connection, pin-hole on a plastic component, faulty auto air vent, faulty diverter valve
Radiators come on when your run the hot water,Faulty diverter valve, faulty 3 port valve
No lights/display on your boilerBlown fuse (external or internal), Faulty circuit board
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Central Heating Repairs In Swanley

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As well as your boiler, I can help you with the whole heating system too. Here are some common central heating problems I’ll help you fix:

Central Heating ProblemPossible Cause
Leak on your radiator,Corroded radiator, faulty fittings on radiator valves
Leaks on your heating pipes,Faulty soldered joint, loose/pooly fitted compression joint, corroded pipe
Radiator (or radiators) not heating up,Air in the radiators, no water in head tank in the loft, stuck thermostatic radiator valve, radiators not properly balanced, faulty heating pump, faulty bypass valve
Heating not switching on,Electrical fault on heating controls (thermostat or programmer), Fault on motorised valve (3 port valve or 2 port valve)
Heating staying on even when you switch it off,Stuck microswitch on motorised valve, faulty 3 port valve,
Radiators coming on with the hot water,Faulty 3 port valve or diverter valve
Thermostat not working,Worn out batteries in thermostat, thermostat lost pairing with receiver (if wireless), heating programmer fault, motorised valve fault, electrical fault
Heating timer / programmer not working,Wiring fault, 2 port/3 port valve fault, faulty programmer
Noisy heating systemAir in the system, low system pressure, no water in the header tank, faulty pump
No pressure on your hot or cold water tapsAir lock in the pipework, incoming water mains problem, blocked filter in the taps
No pressure on your showerAir lock, blocked filters, fault on shower pump (if you have one)
Overflow pipe drippingFloat valve letting by in either cold water storage tank or heating header tank, partial blockage or circulation problem in the heating system, split coil on hot water cylinder

… as well as any other problem with your heating system.

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Viessmann boiler


Boiler Servicing In Swanley

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It’s really important to get your boiler serviced once a year. I regularly attend major faults that could have easily been prevented if the boiler was serviced and checked regularly.

There are two kinds of boiler service I offer. Here’s why:

Most modern condensing boilers work in a slightly different way to traditional boilers, which means we have to service them differently.

You can tell if you’ve got a modern condensing boiler if it was installed after April 2005. If it was installed before then, the chances are it’s a traditional boiler.

Traditional Non-Condensing Boiler Service (Pre 2005 Boilers)

If you have a traditional boiler (pre April 2005), a boiler service is pretty standard. I’ll strip it down, clean the main combustion components, re-assemble and do all the necessary safety checks.

Condensing Boiler Service (2005 – present)

Condensing boiler during a full strip down service

If you have a modern condensing boiler (fitted after April 2005) you don’t need a strip down service every year. Some years, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, your boiler may only need some safety checks and a visual inspection.

Other years, it will need a full strip down service, like with a traditional boiler. Because of the way most modern boilers work, when we strip them down, we need to break a seal (or gasket) around the burners to access them. Once these seals have been broken, they’re not safe to reuse. So when I do a full strip down service on a modern condensing boiler, I always supply and fit new burner seals as standard. This makes a full strip down service a little more expensive than usual, but because it doesn’t need it every year, the cost, on average, isn’t too bad.

Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificates In Swanley

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If you’re a landlord, you need to have a landlord’s gas safety check carried out once a year on your rented properties and issue the certificate to your tenant or letting agent.

If your rented property is in the Swanley area, I can carry out this check for you and issue you a gas safety certificate as a pdf that you can share with your tenant or letting agent.

You can also save money by having the boiler serviced at the same time as the landlord’s gas safety certificate. See prices here for more details.

Boilers I Can Repair

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Worcester Bosch












Glow Worm








I can fix pretty much all boiler brands found in the Kent area, including combination (combi) boilers and condensing boilers.

Don’t panic if yours isn’t on the list, I probably can fix it. Just get in touch to double check – and if you don’t know what make or model your boiler is, you can always send me a photo so I can identify it for you.

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Boilers I Can RepairBoilers I Can't Repair
Combi BoilersBoilers that run on LPG
Back BoilersOil boilers
Condensing BoilersCommercial boilers
Alpha BoilersIndustrial boilers
Ariston BoilersBoilers in commercial premises
Baxi BoilersBoiler’s with heat input of 70kw or more
Biasi BoilersInaccessible boilers
Ferolli Boilers
Glowworm Boilers
Ideal Boilers
Keston Boilers
Main Boilers
Potterton Boilers
Powermax Boilers
Ravenheat Boilers
Vaillant Boilers
Viessmann Boilers
Vokera Boilers
Worcester Bosch Boilers

Why can you trust me and my work?

Sometimes choosing a tradesperson can feel very hit and miss. Who do you choose? And who can you trust?

These days, anyone can say they’re fantastic on the internet – but how do you know they are? Can they back it up?

Well, I can.

Here are some reasons why should trust me and my work…

Kent Trading Standards Approved

Kent Trading Standards Approved

Kent Trading Standards have carried out rigorous background checks on me and my business that include criminal background checks, credit checks, verified my qualifications, insurance, and even my vehicle. After all this, they’re happy to mark my heating business with their seal of approval.

Checkatrade Approved

Checkatrade work closely with Kent Trading Standards and carry out similar background checks such as insurance and qualifications. They also go a step further by asking for references from my previous customers on a regular basis. You can see my Checkatrade feedback and rating on this page.

Gas Safe Registered

As you probably know, anyone who works on any gas appliance needs to be Gas Safe Registered. Gas Safe are the official gas registration body appointed by the Health and Safety Executive to manage gas safety in the UK. Gas Safe took this over from CORGI in 2009. I’ve been CORGI registered, then Gas Safe registered for almost 20 years. So when it comes to your making sure your boiler is safe, you’re in the right hands. You can check my Gas Safe registration here.

CIPHE Registered

Most people have heard of Gas Safe, but not many have heard of the CIPHE. The full name of CIPHE is the Chartered Institute of Plumbers and Heating Engineers. Founded in 1906 the CIPHE is the professional body for plumbers and heating engineers in the UK. As a member, I agree to maintain their code of professional standards. For you, this means I’ll work for you in a professional, safe, and responsible way.

Boiler Repair & Service Prices

One of the most stressful things about your boiler going wrong is not knowing how much it’ll cost to fix.

I’ve tried to make my prices as fair and as transparent as possible, so you always know where you are financially.

Boiler Repair Prices

Type of Boiler RepairPrice
Boiler fixed within 1 hour with no parts required£70
Boiler repair where parts and more than 1 visit is requiredFixed price quote
Diagnosis fee. (Where diagnostic works needs to be carried out before fixed price quote is given.)£50 (refundable if fixed price quote is accepted)

If I can get your boiler working within 1 hour, without fitting any new parts, the price is £70.

If your boiler’s fault is more complicated and needs replacement parts, I will give you a fixed price quote to do the necessary work to get your boiler working again.

If you are happy with the quote, I will get the parts and carry out your repair.

If you don’t want to go ahead with the quote, you will need to pay a £50 diagnosis fee for my time spent finding and explaining what’s wrong with your boiler.

Boiler Service Prices

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Type of BoilerService Price
Non-condensing boiler service (pre April 2005)£75
Condensing boiler service (after April 2005)£75
Condensing boiler strip down & burner gasket service (inc gaskets)£110
Back boiler & fire service £150
Range Powermax boiler service (inc gaskets)£195
Landlord's gas safety certificate (up to 2 appliances, excludes gas fires & warm air units)£75
Combined landlord's gas safety check and boiler service (saving £10)£140


Call 01322 788418

When you use me to fix your boiler, you get a 1 year guarantee on your repair.

This means if the part I’ve replaced or repaired on your boiler goes wrong within a year of carrying out the work, I’ll repair it again for free.

There are a couple of exceptions to this. The first is if the cause of your boiler going wrong again is sludge or scale. The second is if I’ve recommended additional work to be carried out to stop the problem returning, but you haven’t had the work carried out.

How To Get In Touch

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Areas Covered

Thames Boilers cover the Swanley area of Kent and the surrounding areas. To see all the areas of Kent I cover, you can click here.