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All About Dartford Market

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Dartford Market
Dartford Market (Image Credit)

Dartford?s Thursday and Saturday market are a 50-year old tradition that is now organized by the Kent Farmer?s Market Association. This farmer market plays a prominent role in the sale of local products and is a big event in the community?s weekly calendar.

The market attracts thousands of visitors every week as the vendors? merchandise is typically regarded as high-quality and valuable. For many stallholders, the market is also a prominent source of income. This local marketplace is special to the locals and many buyer-seller relationships have formed over the years.


There is a wide range of products that stall holders sell every week. These products are mostly fresh produce that includes things like fruit, olives, soup, and vegetables. You will also be able to buy chutneys, jams, preserves, plants, meat, honey, as well as cakes and other baked goods

The products you can find at the market are not limited to consumables only. You will also be able to buy leather products like handbags and purses as well as toys for children, clothing items, and things like daisy blinds.

At the Dartford market, you can also get something to eat while you enjoy the music of the occasional performer.

Value to the Local Community

To many locals, the Thursday and Saturday market play an integral part of their daily existence. They rely on the market for a part of their weekly groceries and as a way to get out and interact with other people in their community.

The community enjoys a tremendous benefit from the market as they are able to get hold of products that are fresher than the ones they can buy at their greengrocer. They also see the market as a reason to get out of their homes and enjoy the atmosphere and sights and sounds of the market.

Value to the Sellers

The Dartford market provides local seller and product suppliers with the opportunity to interact with the clients on a personal level. As stallholders, they have to rely on the essence of salesmanship to present their products in the most favourable manner. It is also a way to build personal relationships with their regular buyers and to gain their loyalty.

Many sellers, especially the ones on the process of going commercial, make use of the market to find out how customers perceive their products and to identify the levels of demand for their products. Here, however, they can get the opinions straight from the customer?s mouths instead of having to make use of online polls and surveys.

Why You Should Visit the Dartford Market

What is an everyday occurrence for locals can be a once in a lifetime experience if you are visiting Dartford. The market has something for everyone and you will be sure to enjoy a pleasant and vibrant atmosphere.

If you are visiting for a limited time, make sure that a visit to the market is high up on your list of places to visit. Be careful not to blow all your money!

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