About Us

George Lane

Owner - heating engineer

Thames Boilers is owned and operated by George who started the business when he moved to Greenhithe, Kent in 2017.

He's ran several heating and plumbing businesses in other areas and been in the trade for over 20 years.

As well as boilers and heating, George has a strong background in digital marketing, copywriting, and business development.

Here are his goals with Thames Boilers:

The Aims Of Thames Boilers

Give People Great Experiences:

My aim is to deliver boiler and heating services that are useful, easy to use - and that make people happy.

Create Good Jobs For Local People:

I want to create well paying jobs for skilled people in the area. I aim to do this by growing the business in a sustainable way so I can employ local qualified heating engineers and train people through apprenticeships.

Use Technology For Good:

I want to use all the technology at my disposal to make the lives of my customers and employees easier. I believe there's huge untapped potential with relatively cheap software and systems to help small local businesses compete with large national companies.

Help The Community:

Dartford has been good to me since I moved here, and I'd like to give something back. This can be through sponsorship, charity work, and helping other local businesses.